Monday, July 5, 2010

Handy Tactics

-Air Soft
The problem with running in a ghillie suit, is that you will be running from heavy fire. When you turn and run from heavy fire, you take rounds to your back. You wil NEVER feel a shot in the back while wearing the suit because of all the burlap. So it will lead to a conversation with the ref about cheating.
Of you are running through the forrest you suit will also get caught on things like trees or bushes, and get your hung up. Hit and run is a good idea, but the running part in a Ghillie Suit will be not so good, and not to mention difficult. I suggest using Gorilla tactics, taking cover in a selected area in brush and bushes then taking a shot. If you use this tactic make sure, one there is no one else on the other team around that can see you and when you are hiding takes the shot, and two when you are relocating stay low move fast and stay out of open areas.

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  1. Those are great tips - keep posting so we can learn more!