Thursday, August 5, 2010

AirSoft, PaintBall, Hunting

Although these three things may seem the same, well they are for the most part but there are some very fine details that would make each of these Ghillies more effective in each of these exercises.

-Paint Ball
While playing Paint Ball only a very good player would not get hit so I recommend getting washable dye for the Burlap. So after a match you can wipe it down with a wet cloth and get the paint out without the dye fading.

-Air Soft
For the most part Air Soft is the easiest to modify because there is no paint involved or anything that can mess up your Ghillie. So for the most part you should make your Ghillie a bit bigger so that you can put extra clothing underneath for protection and heat if you are playing in the Winter. Unfortunately you may encounter the serious players that want to bring their game to the next level and buy Air Soft grenades! The grenades will blow up and either shoot flour or water, again just like in Paint Ball you should use waterproof dye for the Burlap.

Hunting is the most detailed one, if you mess up with one small detail it could give away your position witch could be deadly. Some animals can see and smell soap so if you go with waterproof dye you should not wash it with soap, also if instead of netting you use the army camouflage net that you can purchase on one of the ads, you must and I do mean must clip the metal rings that attach the rubber camo to the netting off. Because they will most defiantly give away your position. You should also invest in getting waterproof dye just incase you happen to be prone in a damp are or a swamp.

If you fallow these pointers correctly you will be the MVP of every match or you will get that deer without anything knowing you where there. Good luck and happy Sniping

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